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At Over the Top College Advice, we work hard to simplify the college admission process for students and their parents.

We meet, in person or virtually, with students and their families to gain a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s goals and future aspirations. We then develop the best possible, custom strategy to ensure your student’s success in the competitive world of college admissions.

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Simplifying the College Admission Process for Our Students

The Over the Top College Advice team offers in-depth experience in the following areas:

Admissions Overview

We simplify the college application process by providing a strategy to position the student in the most favorable way possible, highlighting strengths and accomplishments. We review the student’s profile, provide guidance on SAT/ACT testing and assist by determining a realistic college list, keeping “best fit” in mind.

Students receive extensive counseling as they evaluate their academic and non-academic goals, and their college list has room to evolve as they do.

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Hands-on Assistance with Applications, Essays, Résumés, Alumni Interviews, Test Prep, and more

Applications: We guide students through the daunting task of completing the Common Application/Coalition Application and college-specific applications to ensure the most effective responses. We assist with project management in order to meet deadlines.

Essays: We coach the applicant to write “winning” essays in their own voice. Students receive extensive assistance to develop ideas and strategy for the main college essay and supplemental essays.

Résumés: Every student must have a résumé for college applications, as well as for future internships and jobs during their college years.

Interviews: We conduct practice interviews to make sure the student is prepared and confident for the Alumni interviews required.

Test Prep: We assist students with SAT Test Tutoring in addition to ACT Test Prep and Tutoring.

More: Our team offers hands-on assistance throughout the entire college application process. We offer custom plans to meet each student’s needs at highly competitive, affordable rates. Please contact us for information and to set up a 20-minute free consultation to find out our recommended strategy to meet your needs.

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Our team has provided guidance on the top schools across the U.S.

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